Technological Advances in EUS-Guided Assessment of Pancreatic Cysts

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5-5 March, 2021
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Tallenne katsottavissa! Maksuton ONLINE tapahtuma! Dr. Christopher DiMaio keskustelee aiheesta perjantaina 5.3. klo 17 Suomen aikaan. Tervetuloa mukaan!

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Points of interest and talking points:

  • Types of cysts and low/high risk features (Timestamp 2:41 – 6:13)
  • Indications for performing FNA biopsies on PCL and importance of the procedure (Timestamp 12:04 – 14:29)
  • Sampling technique and pathology requirements for cyst fluid…have your Dr’s considered Glucose for chemical analysis? (Timestamp 14:30 – 18:00)
  • Impact of EUS Through the needle forceps (Moray) in PCL diagnosis (Timestamp 21:49 – 24:24)
  • Technical tips for successful application of TTN guided forceps (Moray). 6 o’clock is the ultimate sampling location (Timestamp 31:21 – 38:46)
  • Pathologists guide for handling micro forceps samples. (LINK)